Webinar and Technical Workshop on Emerging Technology of Salesforce

Webinar and Technical Workshop on Emerging Technology of Salesforce

B.Tech. CSE students witnessed a technical session on emerging technology of SalesForce. Salesforce technology is Ranked first in Forbes Best Companies to work for, it is pioneer in the cloud computing space.

Objective of the session and Overview of the technology

This technology helps connect companies with their customers across sales, service and marketing by leveraging customer data to provide them right recommendations and promotions. It also provides a platform where anyone could skill up and learn the, in demand skills to grow their career. Learners can get hands on with the technology and apply the skills they are learning free of cost just with the availability of Internet.

Entire program was conducted in three sessions

First – Initial overview was given via webinar by- Mr. Naveen Gabrani, CEO, Astrea IT Services.

Second– Detailed overview of Salesforce and Demo, was given by Mr. Subhendu Kumar Verma, Software Engineer, AlgoWorks.

Third – Hands-on exercise session was again conducted by Mr. Subhendu,which gave practical exposure of technology to students.

Workshop Outcome

The session was highly beneficial for the students as students were enriched with the knowledge of skills required to get prepared for job in Salesforce Ecosystem.

In the hands-on exercise session, students created their account on Trailheadwhich is a platform provided by Salesforce. Trailhead platform allows students to create their profile, learn the Salesforce skills and earn badges and then add this custom URL to their resume.

It not only enables students to learn technical as well as business skills but also engages them with other communities on the same platform and build their own network and become job ready.

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