Smart material Testing Lab

Deep Freezer

This instrument is used to test the material at very low temperature or to bring the material to very low temperature for various properties analysis

  • Design & Scope The deep freezer is manufactured and tested to suit. The specifications given in I.S.I and calibrated against E.R.T.l (W) standards.

  • Temperature Microprocessor controller must monitor in one degree Celsius increments, Controller with Digital dual display temperature controller cum indicator.

  • Temperature Range Ambient to -70°C, Accuracy ±2°C,

  • Temperature Uniformity ± 2°C

  • Temperature Sensor Pt100 (RTD)

  • Memory Backup Retention of PID and set values in the built in non-volatile memory in case of power failure and automatic re-execution of control on power consumption

  • Refrigeration System Cooling assembly consist of “emersion” make hermetically sealed compressor of suitable capacity to give proper temperature

  • overload protector to cut off the compressor

  • in case of overheating a separate motor is provided for condenser cooling

  • CFC free (eco-friendly) refrigerant.

  • . 2 Minute Compressor “ON” Delay Timer to safeguard

HOT Air Oven

Hot Air Oven is used to conduct various types of tests on different types of material at elevated temperature, compression set, heat deformation, compression set, heat resistance etc

  • Size Inside 18 inch x 18 inch x 18 inch (455mm X 455mm X 455mm) inside

  • Maximum Temperature Range Ambient to 300 °C

  • Features It has new Graphical LCD display with user friendly messages in form of images and values.

  • Auto-tune ADVANCE PID control for temperature with timer and soft power on key.

  • 5-soft touch keys for operation of the machine & LEDS for indication of different parameters.

  • The Graphics Menu Driven system allows the user to set multiple parameters easily.

  • Soft power on off key.

  • Feather touches key operation for menu driven system Advance Setting option so that the user doesn’t not mishandle the critical menu settings.

  • Fan Enable Disable option in menu. Fan On Off Timer settings in menu

  • PID Advance Auto tune PID temperature controlling with 0.1 degree C resolution and accuracy

  • Alarm output is given when the process starts and system stops When the temperature exceeds High Limit/ Low Limit

    • LED Indication for Heating Timer Fan, Alarm, Power On SSR based output controls, RTC(Real Time Clock),

    • On Board Data Logging upto 1000 logs Data Logger with RS232 PC communication software

Computer Based Universal Testing Machine

Universal testing Machine –Digital come computerised is advance testing machine that is used for testing the tensile, bending and compressive strength for various composites and plastics components.

  • The software allows conducting a wide range of tests with different set of test parameters and displaced all test information when used with PC.

  • Machine Capacity : 1000 Kgf

  • Least Count :100 gms

  • Type : Constant Rate of Traverse CRT Type.

  • Grip to Grip Separation : Minimum 25mm. and Maximum : 700mm.

  • Cross Head Speed : With AC Motor Variable Speed.

  • Speed Control : Through Graphic user interface PC.

  • Cross Head Travel Length : Overall travel length 800mm without Grips.

  • Load Sensor : Universal ‘S’ Type / Pancake Type high sensitivity with linearity feature and long term repeatability.

  • Load Sensor Accuracy : +0.5% of the Load Cell capacity. Calibrated by NPL approved proving ring / dynamometers.

  • Load Sensor Sensing : Auto – detect / sensing through advance electronics. Electronic Auto-Zero.

  • Over Load / Travel Safety : Auto stop through software

  • Systems Controls : Advance Micro – controller systems tensile card – 1927 or 945a; 16bit ADC & DAC

  • Export Data to any format available on PC.

Izod/ Charpy Impact Tester

The Izod/ Charpy Impact Tester ( Digital ) is manufactured strictly as per ASTM standards to test impact resistance of plastics and composites.

  • The test indicates the energy required to break standard test specimen.

  • Capacity : Up to 21.68 Joules.

  • Release angle of pendulum : 150 degree.

  • Range of four scales : 0-2.71 Joules; 0-5.42 Joules; 0-10.84 Joules and 0-21.68 Joules.

  • Minimum resolution on scale : 0.02 Joule; 0.05 Joule; 0.1 Joule and 0.2 Joule respectively

Notch Cutter ( Motorised ) for Impact Tester

The notch cutter is used for making V notch in the Izod / Charpy samples as per ASTM standards.

  • It is an essential tool for making accurate notches on samples for impact testing.

  • The motorised movement saves time and operator effort significantly

Sample Cutting Hydraulic Press and Die

  • For conducting tests on various materials or products, test specimens of specified shapes and sizes are to be cut out of the test samples.

    • Test specimens of rubber, leathers, fabrics, foam, flexible / semi-rigid plastics and similar other materials are usually cut with the help of knife edged dies of appropriate shapes and dimensions

    • Quick and accurate cutting of samples possible. Hydraulic sealed cylinder used for long life usage with easy die mounting.

    • Capacity : 2 Ton

Shore D hardness Tester

Shore Hardness tester – Digital is Designed to determine the indentation hardness of materials ranging from cellular products to rubber products.

  • Shore A is designed to measure the penetration hardness of rubber ,elastomer and other rubber like substance such as neoprene,silicone,andvinyl

  • It can also be used for soft plastics ,felt leather and similar materials

  • Indenter Point is made of hardened alloy steel, precision ground, as per the standards, protruding out of the tester through the hole in the presser foot.

  • Indicating Dial is an Indicating dial or scale which is graduated from 0 to 100 divisions; 0 denoting the lowest and 100 the highest degree of hardess.

  • Along with the check gauge. Features

  • Digital durometer for shore hardness testing

  • Pocket size model with integrated probe

  • Bright & clear LCD display

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