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In a continuously changing global environment, a job in the desired industry is of the utmost importance for students. Thus, to facilitate this aspiration, we at Allenhouse Group of Colleges have a full fledged Training and Placement team working in the Corporate Relations Cell towards fulfillment of every student’s aspiration of having strong first steps in their  professional life.
        Allenhouse Group of Colleges helps every student in connecting with potential employers through summer and winter internships, lectures, workshops and live projects. The placement cell works to ensure that students receive the best of our support, advice and guidance for building their career in the right direction. It helps students in identifying their skills and strengths, refine their resumes, get set with mock interviews and review their career strategies. It also maintains an ongoing corporate networking programme to place students ensuring a continuous flow of placement opportunities. Allenhouse Corporate Relations Cell is the fulcrum of our campus which is the best platform to get a confident and a stable professional life ahead.

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The Institute has become one of the most sought after destinations for potential students planning to shape their future in the corporate world.

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It was an honor and pleasure to be there at the Conclave  Thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with all of you, other staff members and the students. The students exhibited lot of potential and that was just amazing to see.  Once again thank you for having me.

Ms. Divya Mishra

Many thanks for inviting me. It was great interacting with young students and senior professionals.  A very well organized event, my compliments to you and your team!!!

Ms. Madhavi Golash

Despite of time constraints, tried to share the real life experiences with the students of your institution. I could correlate well with the students as just 3.5 years back I was in their place.Undoubtedly your students (specially with whom I could interacted personally) do have great potentials. Their thought process, inquisitiveness, passion of learning really touched me.I would love to interact more with all the budding talents from your institution in case if you feel that would be of help to them.Also, please do count on me and my organization for any support in future.. We’ll be happy to support in whichever way we can.

Mr. Drimit Chakraborty

Thanks for the opportunity. It was a privilege to visit your institute. I must say, the conclave was really enriching one and we had a lot of valuable insights shared amongst us during the program.I hope that your students and faculty appreciated the stories from Tata and found them valuable for their future growth.It was also a pleasure interacting with some of the students who were very inquisitive. Looking forward to more such opportunities through which we could mutually add value to each other’s organizations. Thanks for the nice hospitality too.

Mr. Kumar Lalit

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