Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering activities at Allenhouse Institute of Technology commenced as soon as the college came into being in 2009.The establishment of the State of the art Workshop was the first major step towards imparting best practical training to the budding mechanical engineers.


To produce graduates adaptable to the needs of industry and society.


  1. To develop competent professions with technical competencies and self learning skills.
  2. To develop strong fundamental concepts along with human & ethical values.

About the Department

Mechanical Engineering section of Internal Combustion Engineering Lab is equipped with latest SI and CI test rigs along with two stage reciprocating air compressor for experimental as well as for project use. The Mechanical Engineering section of Heat and Mass Transfer and Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab are equipped with latest experimental setups. Material Testing and Measurement Labs have latest equipments to carry out final year project works. Mechanical Engineering section of Mechanics Lab is equipped with certain experimental setups which is helping first year students to gain physical insight, i.e., the type of physics involved in real world problems. The classrooms, laboratories and offices of the department are the assets of the college. To create future leaders, our department offers premier program for undergraduate level that provide a solid foundation for careers in industry, entrepreneurship, research, and academia.

Mechanical Engineering Labs
The centre is catering the need of following laboratories:

Machine Drawing LabMaterial Science Lab
Thermodynamics LabsFluid Mechanics Lab
Measurement and Metrology LabManufacturing Science Lab
Refrigeration and Air Condition labHeat Transfer Lab
Dynamics of Machine labAutomobile and IC engine lab
CAD LabAdvance Research and Testing Lab





Area of Specialization

Mr.Vikas Kumar

Head of Department

Production, Manufacturing Technology

Mr. Ashwani Kr. Agnihotri

Assistant Professor

 Supply Chain Management

Mr. Ankur Dwivedi

Assistant Professor

Thermal Engineering

Mr. Ashutosh Verma

Assistant Professor

Mechanics of Solids, Heat Transfer and Thermal engineering

Mr. Avinash Sharma

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering Design

Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor

Computer Aided Design