DMSRDE Seminar on “Aeronautical Materials and System Development and Prototype Production” (AMSP-2017)

A seminar organized by DMSRDE, Kanpur where students on Mechanical Engineering third and fourth year participated along with a faculty member to understand the concepts of aerospace materials and development. The Seminar was aimed to share the knowledge and experiences of their area and work in field of aerospace. The focus points of presentations were Aerospace Materials and Material Technologies, Calendar life Extension of Antisurge unit of aero engine, Lightweight Armor, Innovative window forming for transport aircraft, airworthiness certificate approach for airborne accessories etc.


Allenhouse Business School had organized an industrial visit to PARLE- G situated in Panki Industrial Area, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 15th April 2017. 55 students of the second and fourth semester of BBA were accompanied by two faculty members, Dr. Neetu Singh and Mr. Naveen Shukla, for the visit. The industrial visit was an enriching experience for students in getting live exposure of manufacturing which will further enhance their career progression.

SITI Networks Wire & Wireless India Ltd. (22 & 23- March 2017)

Students of EC 2nd, 3rd and 4th years Visited to Its digital down link Earth station (control Station) of SITI Networks in Kanpur on 22 & 23- MARCH, 2017.
Where, Students get familiar about the Transmission, Broadcasting, Downlinking and Reception of channels, how to check signal strength, Processing of every single channels from different satellites on various frequencies, Multiplexing and Encoding of channels while making it Digital and Distribution of channels with the help fiber optic and coaxial cables to various part on the terrestrial Network (Star, delta etc.) via Trans-Modulators.
By this practice, students got the understanding of theoretical knowledge of communication and transmission of their course with reality.

Industrial Visit to U.P. BRIDGE CORPORATION of Civil Engineering Students (3rd March 2017)

A site visit was organized for Third and Second year students of Civil Engineering Department, Allenhouse Institute of Technology, Rooma, Kanpur at a construction site of BRIDGE construction and Well Foundation (Barra-8) over Pandu River Kanpur , a site under U.P. BRIDGE CORPORATION. The field visit gave an opportunity to aspiring students to have an insight to real site working mechanism including processes like pre casting ,construction of structural members such as, Beam, girder, pier cap, cantilever sections I-sections, Well Foundation etc. Students also got a chance to see the complete process of pre tensioning RC members, Component of Bridges. We all are very thankful to Mr.A.K.Srivastav, Assistant Engineer and Mr Pankaj Anand, Junior Engineer, U.P.Bridge Corporation for his knowledgeable demonstration of all the site processes. He also explained the importance of systematic planning for construction working.