One day workshop on "Data Protection - Cyber Security" in Computer Science Department

Computer Science & Engineering Departmental Consultative Committee Meeting

It was honor of Computer Science Department to welcome two esteemed guests today Dr. Vibhash Yadav (Associate Professor and Head(IT) Rajkiya engg. College Banda) and Mr. Ramji Mishra (General Manager, Digital Business Division Superhouse Limited) on the occasion of Departmental Consultative committee meeting. Both our guests graced the occasion by giving their valuable suggestions to students which can help them to bridge the gap between academics and industry. Not only students but faculties were also benefitted by their expert advices.

Mr. Adarsh Srivastava G.M. (R&D) Mahindra & Mahindra

Department of Mechanical Engineering Organized a Guest Lecture on 7th   August, 2018. Mr. Adarsh Srivastava, General Manager (R&D), Mahindra and Mahindra, was the Chief Guest of the event. In his address, he listed out the automotive companies providing the jobs for Mechanical Engineering students. He advised the students to upgrade and update themselves with the recent trends in order to be important in the industry. He gave ideas to improve the technical knowledge to grab job opportunities in industries, to the Mechanical Engineering students. He also delivered an expert lecture on “Recent Advancements in the Automobile Engineering”. During the interaction session, he shared valuable information about fundamentals of automobile engineering concepts with implementation in projects. He shared safety rules and regulations prevailing in the industries. More than 150 students and faculty members attended the lecture.

FDP on Smart Material on April 30 - May 5, 2018

Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Allenhouse Institute of Technology organized a six day FDP on Smart Material from 30th April 2018 to 5th May 2018 sponsored by AKTU Lucknow. The FDP was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. G G Sastry Director, Dr. S.J. Pande Advisor. The sessions were addressed by eminent academician Dr. G. V. Srivastava UPES, Dr. Anand Kumar HBTU, Dr. K. Balani IIT Kanpur, Mr. Jitendra Bhaskar HBTU Kanpur, Dr. Nilanjan Mallik IIT Varanasi and scientist Mr. Praveer Verma DMSRDE Kanpur, Mr. S.B.Yadav DMSRDE Kanpur, Dr. Rahul Rawat MNRE New Delhi

Expert Talk on Software Testing on 9th Mar 2018

 Allenhouse Group of Colleges arranged an Expert Talk on “Software Testing” by Mr. Nikunj Sharma QA architect from KPIT Technologies Ltd. Mumbai. For IT industry there are many option available in the market to choose as career options ie. Java , .NET, devops, SAP, CRM and many more. But all these options are technological specific. In this connection “Software Testing” is the independent option to choose as a career. Software testing is even demanded in the industry because all customer’s are quality addicted. They want quality products hence “Software Testing” is recommended as best career option today. 

A Technical Lecture on Cement Production organized by Ultra Tech Cement

A Technical Lecture on Cement Production organized by Ultra Tech Cement in Allenhouse Institute of Technology on 29 Jan 2018. The Students learned about concrete and its importance as strength in developing the infrastructure and sky scrapers students were also told about various process and production of cement. The main focus on huge production and quality based production were discussed. More over they emphasized the site visits, such as cement factory and RMC (Ready mix concrete) plants.

“Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials" by Dr. N.E. Prasad (Director DMSRDE, Kanpur)

An expert lecture was delivered on 12th September 2017 on the topic of “Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials” by Dr. N.E. Prasad (Director DMSRDE, Kanpur) at Allenhouse Institute of Technology, Kanpur under the banner of Zahida Expert Academic Lecture (ZEAL) Series. 
Before starting the Lecture Dr. N.E Prasad and team of 12 scientists visited our Advanced Material Testing facility Lab which is in collaboration with DMSRDE, Kanpur.
He initiated his first session with overview of types of materials, properties of engineering materials and their uses in defense organizations.He laid emphasis on application and practical approaches of testing and materials processing.
The session was made interactive by thought provoking questions posed by Dr. N.E. Prasad to the students and faculty members.
In second session, Dr. Prasad emphasized on the advances in materials and their uses in fighter plane, aerospace industries etc.He also shared some of his experiences about various research opportunities in field of Materials. He advised the students to have strong knowledge in basics and motivated them to update themselves with latest developments in engineering field.
The lecture proved to be very inspiring and informative for the students. We are privileged to have him at our campus.

Prof. Devendra Kumar Chaturvedi from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra.

On 24 April 17, 
Present lecture on Smart Controllers. By this lecture provides an education exposure from the student in which they learn about modern smart controllers and their future scopes.He also provides knowledge of fuzzy logic, neural network and other soft computing techniques.

Mr. Vaibhav Gupta, Scientist ‘SD’ from ISRO April 2017

ZEAL Series session in Allenhouse Institute of Technology on GEO-SYNCHRONOUS SATELLITES taken by Mr. Vaibhav Gupta, Scientist ‘SD’ from ISRO, Bhopal Centre

Ms. Nitya Chawla HR Head J.K. Cement Kanpur March 2017

An Expert Lecture on Corporate Communication by Ms Nitya Chawla HR Head J.K. Cement Kanpur was conducted on 25th March’17- Ms. Nitya Chawla interacted with students of BBA department had a talk in regards with corporate communication and explained that how we all should speak in organization. She focused on the right way of communication at the time of interview. She also explained to the students about the expectation of corporate world. Her main emphasis was on how to become a Total Quality Person.

Guest lecture on Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Technology-22 March 2017

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Allenhouse Institute of Technology, Kanpur organized Guest lecture on Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Technology by Dr. Pulak M. Pandey. Department of Mechanical Engineering, I.I.T. Delhi on 22 03-2017. Faculty and students of Mechanical Engineering Department has attended the lecture. The lecture covered various topics such as Generation of Laser scanning path, Material Deposition path, Steriolithograhy, Fused Deposition Modeling and Additive Manufacturing etc. He also shared some of his experiences and also explained about various research opportunities and applications of Rapid Prototyping. In the interaction session with students he has advised the students to have strong knowledge in basics and also abreast with latest developments in engineering field.

Guest lecture on Advance Engineering Materials and DRDO

An expert lecture on “Advance Engineering Materials and DRDO” organized at Allenhouse Institute of Technology delivered by Dr. T.C. Shami Directorate Head “ Stealth Materials” DMSRDE Kanpur.
In this session he elaborates the working culture and opportunities in DRDO. He also explained the technologies developed by DRDO for the defence system of the country and stealth technology used in different sectors in army. This lecture provides special edge to the students and faculties over material technology used by our defence organization.
Welcome speech is given by the Director, Allenhouse Group of Colleges and vote of thanks is given by Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sachan, Head, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering.
This lecture is organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg., Department of Mechanical Engg. & Department of Electronics & Communication Engg.

Guest Lecture on ‘Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering’

The Lecture is one of the Academic Curriculum Activity as designed by Allenhouse Institute of Technology.
A Guest Lecture on Topic “Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering” has been held in Civil Engineering Department By Prof (Dr.) Pradeep Kumar on date of March ,22,2017.
In this Lecture, Students of Civil Engineering 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year have got a knowledge about New Techniques and Material which are eco friendly, durable, economical such as use of flyash in Cement and also in interlocking bricks.
He also en lighting the concept of Green Building with example IIT Kanpur, whose rating is Five star given by TERI-GRIHA through his lecture he focused on various techniques of construction which are not only economical but also eco friendly to the environment.
He praised the student for their project work and invited the Allenhouse student to visit HBTU for further research work and higher studies.