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The decade of 70s had seen a phenomenal growth in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering in India. In tune with the global development, Allenhouse Institute of Technology also initiated several research programmes in Electronics & Communication Engineeringin the year 2009. The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering came into existence in the year 2009. It is offering most sought after courses in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering at undergraduate. The department has well qualified staff, Infrastructure and state – of- the- art equipment. Apart from regular academic work, the department is actively involved in industrial training, consultancy, research and other professional activities.


The Electronics & Communication Engineering program endeavour to create skilful engineers ,equipped for lifelong learning that is necessary for professional practice and advance studies.


The mission of the Electronics & Communication Engineering is to provide graduate engineers capable to act responsibly, ethically & communicate effectively for globalre quirements by providing quality educationto meet the demand of the industry

About the Department


Electronic & Communication Engineering Labs
The centre is catering the need of following laboratories:

Network Analysis & Synnthesis LabElectronic Workshop & PCB Lab
Logic Design LabElectronic Device Lab
Integrated Circuit LabCommunication Lab – I
Microprocessor LabControl System Lab
Microwave and Fiber Optic LabElectronic Circuit Design Lab
Electronic Circuits LabDigital Electronics Lab
Electronics Measurement LabAntenna and Microwave Lab
Communication Lab – IICAD of Electronics Lab
Microprocessor Lab (CS Dept.)Electronics Lab (EN Dept.)
IC Lab Departmental Subject (EN Dept.)




Area of Specialization

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sachan

Head of Department

Signals and Systems, Fundamentals of Electronic Devices,Integrated circuit, Digital Signal Processing

Mr. Abhai Shankar Chaurasia

Assistant Professor

Microwave Engineering, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Microprocessor,Embedded System, Solid State Devices , Control System.

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Mr. Ashish Mishra

Assistant Professor

Mr. Abhishek Dwivedi

Assistant Professor

Instrumentation & Measurement, Digital communication, Wireless communication, Digital Signal Processing and Microprocessor.

Mr. Sanjiv Mishra

Assistant Professor

Genetic algorithms, Data base management systems, Bioinformatics, ERP systems and Computer graphics

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Mr. Navneet Pathak

Assistant Professor

Wireless Communication, Antenna & Wave Propagation, Communication Systems, Basic Electronics

Mr. Sunil Kumar Dubey

Assistant Professor

Embedded systems and EMFT 

Ms.Bushra Rahman Ansari

Assistant Professor

Mr. Prashant Dwivedi

Assistant Professor