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Our vision is to shape the capability of our students to apply the gained knowledge to broaden interdisciplinary engineering areas, and help them in understanding of the socio-economic environment that impact intellectual choice


The mission of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering curriculum is to provide contemporary education & research program by preparing a new array of engineers with a strong fundamental knowledge of the engineering principles and circuit based electrical system structures

About the Department

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department is established in year 2009 with the intake of 60 seats. The Department is keen to develop environment of research in Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Grids, Power System Operation and Control, Power System Dynamics and Stability, Flexible A. C. Transmission Systems (FACTS), Electrical Drives and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. To cater the needs of experimentation the department has well-equipped laboratories in the area of Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Microprocessors and Instrumentation & Measurements. The department also owes to take-up the challenges of providing efficient Electrical Systems and Energy Sources. Department of Electrical Engineering has sufficient number of air conditioned classrooms and tutorial rooms to provide a healthy environment to both faculty and students for the smooth conduction of classes. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students to apply the theoretical concepts, which they learn in the classroom.The Department of Computer Science and Engineering came into being in the year 2009. Since then it has been offering most sought after courses in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, at undergraduate. The department has well qualified staff, Infrastructure and state-of- the- art equipment.
Apart from regular academic work, the department is actively involved in industrial training, consultancy, research and other professional activities. The department has close interaction with software development firms and R&D establishments.

There are total 11 laboratories in the department:
1. Basic Electrical Engg Lab
2. Electromechanical Energy Conversion- I Lab
3. Electrical Measurement Lab
4. Numerical Technique Lab
5. Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion – II Lab
6. Network Lab
7. Electrical Instrumentation Lab
8. Power System Lab
9. Power Electronics Lab
10. Microprocessor Lab
11. Control System Lab


Dr. Rahul Umrao

Designation: Head of Department & Associate Professor
Qualification : Ph.D.(Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra)
Working Experience : 7 Years
Areas of Specialization : Power System, Electrical Materials, & Soft Computing Techniques

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Mr. Vipin Kumar Mishra

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech(P)
Working Experience : 7 Years
Areas of Specialization : Power Electronics, Power Systems, Electrical Machines

Mr. Shashank Gupta

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech
Working Experience : 9 Years
Areas of Specialization : Power Electronics & Machines

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allenhouse best engineering college in kanpur

Ms. Priyanka Verma

Designation: Lecturer
Qualification : M.Tech(P)
Working Experience : 5 Years
Areas of Specialization : Control system , Machines 


Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech
Working Experience : 6 Years
Areas of Specialization : Power Systems

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