Applied Science & Humanities

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Department of Applied Science and Humanities, in perfect conformity and balance, is a department that provides an enduring foundation in the fundamental sciences.


The Department is working with the objective of laying a strong foundation at the first year stage so that engineering streams becomes easily accessible and comprehensible.


The primary focus of these departments is to strengthen the conceptualised frameworks, lay strong foundation, imbibe core essentials and bring forward comfort in communication in the field of Applied Sciences and Humanities.

About the Department

  The clarity of concepts in pure sciences goes a long way to help them in engineering streams. The department takes care of fundamental sciences and basic humanities like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Professional communication.




Area of Specialization

Dr. Deepika Prasadi

Assistant Professor

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Dr. Shailesh Shukla

Assistant Professor

Organic and Physical Chemistry and Polymer

Dr. Rashmi Shukla

Assistant Professor

Laser-based Ultrasonics

Ms. Neha Kumari

Assistant Professor & Head-Digital Marketing

Condensed matter Physics

Dr. Dev Singh

Assistant Professor

Numerical Methods for PDEs, Statistical Technique,Reliability Theory

Mr. Abhishek Pandey

Assistant Professor

Cosmology and Wavelet Transform 

Ms. Shehnaaz khan

Assistant Professor

Professional Communication

Dr. Shailesh Mishra

Assistant Professor

Biomathematics, Numerical Methods, Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Operation Research.